Hidden Dreams

by Eo

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They’re gonna try to take your baby
Keep respawning outside the park behind the boundaries
Lined up in a row to a class I’ve been skipping
On the roof of a school dorm,
the room, they’re unpacking
Big clock in a room that Granny lives in
Pop’s takes me underground, above the floors tilted
Gamecube and a TV set up along the wall
The bathroom is flooded and the boys are uncomfortable
This hallways so tall and this dungeons way too vertical
A new area, a dock or a pier
I’ve never driven here the roads don’t lead out of here
They merge at a spot as it gets clouded and foggy
At an art exhibit with my dad admiring the structures.
Walled off behind glass rooms with wood pilings that rise upwards.
We drove pretty far to get here, Hey David what are you doing here?
Inspecting the boat ride as it seems to not be working.
There’s a bear and I’m at the park with my teacher
She’s making me sit through this and I can’t sneak off neither

I walk down the lines its a long distance to the band room,
Savannah and the rest are dressed up all fancy,
I walk down the lines its a long distance to the band room,
Savannah and the rest are dressed up all fancy, theres a party near the theater!
On the cruise line top below deck. The people in the dining hall have no clue what’s going on.
Rooftop pool party at the building I’m supposed to be at, arcades inside that leads upwards toward the roof.
Cafeteria with food lots of friends, we’re cool, waiting at night
The shows about to begin and I’m not placed right.
The auditorium is packed. It was hidden away near the school.
It’s past the time of night, winter’s not right season,
Dorms way too high it’s kinda red I hate it, see ya later
Harold’s with some girls in a shaft that leads downstairs
Outside on the streets behind me the road curves straight up.
DK swinging in a dark desert hall
the Kongs are off somewhere, it’s just me at this attraction.
I’ve never played this Kirby level before I can’t find the secret room.
This racer’s not unlocked but damn this level’s the fastest.
I find the ghosts inside the room I’m touring inside this mansion
In the main yard with Skrillex and his crew, please let me talk to you!
Hans saw me with my suitcase and ran up to say hi,
I’m glad he did I came here to see him anyway without his knowing.
He looks so cool in those sunglasses I hope this bowl of grass stays sunny like this.
Down a cobblestone road that leads somewhere secret
On the inside of a top down game, there’s glass to my right and I have to beat Bowser but he keeps beating me.
I can’t get passed this part the lava fills the area.
He sits in the middle and I have to swing him out the middle

This dinosaur song is my greatest song yet, Mom you have to believe me!
The map is giant and I’m falling towards it,
from a subway entrance and I gotta try and find it,
This superpowers sick and I can get around so quick
Inside a giant caved out crystal!
Chaos are all so unique I have to take care of these specifically.
Aang please don’t leave, the ice is breaking into pieces.
The river’s so neat I dive down spend time there its peaceful.
The tree house brigade knows where I am they found me out
I’m rich in this place it’s gated nice and well.
In the giant earth bowl as Azula tries to get me,
I’m trying to round the edge, she drives the bus and breaks an entry.
I’m in the line with the rest of my choir group,
bunched up like we do when a tornado comes through
we’re going next everybody be ready.
This sports arena’s massive and I’m late already.
At the summer camp go and meet in the main hall.
Sit and wait to leave get bored the ceilings so tall
These planes (are) occupied by me and not much else,
it’s going way too far to places I’ve never heard about
Walking somewhere wooded with Ms Rabbit (after) she cried it out.

NCS I met inside the restaurant in the bedrooms houses
She’s so thankful that I said that and I’m grateful I could help
WATCH OUT THE BRANCH BEHIND YOU then it beat us to the ground.
In a ball as Samus I can’t get through all this debris
Mario’s running on tops of tubes that float freely
Below the grounds the gardens hidden but I found it out.
The boat pulls up to the harbor back from exploring all day out.
On the top of that mountain with Mom and vicky,
I wanna come down the mountain and ski down far from the group.
In the boat held hostage by the people that run this facility
They try to keep me down but I run down the shaft that holds me
Up a long way on a building that looks down the parking lot,
they meet up talk amongst themselves on how to best pursue me
Secret zelda level as Miyamoto massages me.
Your ideas are so good ill show these levels Ive been hiding
Please Lady can I come with you?
My suitcase is definitely hear just give me a minute I can find it


released December 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Eo Boston, Massachusetts

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